Natassia Malthe

Eye color
164 cm
Norwegian, English, Russian

Film & TV

Year Title Role Director Producer/Venue
2022 The Pact (Series) Freya Ahmed Al Baker, Bobby Barbacioru Bobby Barbacioru
2021 Hybrids (Series) Valkyrie Mitch Gould -
2021 Last man down (Film) Zahara Fansu Njie Fansu Njie/Daniel Stisen
2018 Alpha (Film) Rho Albert Hughes Albert Hughes
2018 Battle Drone (Film) Valkyrie Mitch Gould Jo Marr
2015 The Good, the Bad, and the Dead (Film) Christine Timothy Woodward Jr. Lauren De Normandie
2014 Klinik unter Palmen (Film) Lea Sass Sebastian Vigg TeamWorx Television & Film
2013 Vikingdom (Film) Brynna Yusry Abd Halim KRU Studios
2013 Bailout:The age of greed (Film) Molly Uwe Boll Lynn Peak Productions
2012 Dragon's rage (Film) Perfidia Philip Spink Brightspark Productions
2012 Avarice (Film) Mary Matthew Schilling Give Me One Reason
2012 This means war (Film) Xenia McG Overbrook Entertainment
2011 In the name of the king: Two worlds (Film) Manhatten Uwe Boll Event Film Distribution
2011 BloodRayne: The Third Reich (Film) BloodRayne: The Third Reich (Film) Uwe Boll Boll Kino Beteiligungs GmbH & Co. KG
2010 Percy Jackson & Lyntyven (Film) Percy Jackson & Lyntyven (Film) Chris Columbus Fox 2000 Pictures
2010 Fringe S02 (Series) Fringe S02 (Series) Deran Sarafian Bad Robot
2009 Slave (Film) Georgie Darryn Welch Instinctive Film
2009 The assistants (Series) Tabitha Tinsdale Mark Sawers Tom Lynch Company
2009 Knights of bloodsteel (Series) Perfidia Philip Spink Reunion Pictures
2008 Alone in the dark II (Film) Turner Michael Roesch & more HJB Filmproduktion
2008 The other side of the tracks (Film) Lucinda Dir: A.D. Calvo Goodnight Film
2007 BloodRayne II: Deliverance (Film) Rayne Uwe Boll Pitchblack Pictures
2007 Fallen (Series) Gadreel Kevin Kerslake Bad Angels Productions
2007 Drømmelisten (Film) Bambi (#63) Daniel Waters Avenue Pictures
2006 Dead & deader (Film) Dr. Boyce Patrice Dinhut Mindfire Entertainment
2006 DOA: Dead or alive (Film) Ayane Corey Yuen Dimension Films
2006 Skinwalkers (Film) Sonja James Isaac Lionsgate
2005 Devil's highway (Film) Dir Michelle Fabien Pruvot Tomas Pictures
2005 Kaos (Film) Gina Lopez Tony Giglio Mobius International
2005 Bloodsuckers (Film) Quintana Matthew Hastings Lions Gate Films
2005 La belle dame sans merci (Short) The Lady Hidetoshi Oneda Ocean Monsters
2005 Awake (Film) Rebecca David Frank Gomes Really Frank Films
2005 Confessions of a sociopathic social climber (Film) Frangiapani Dana Lustig Confessions Productions
2005 Bound by lies (Film) Randi Fuller Valerie Landsburg Lightning Entertainment
2005 Wish you were here (Film) Georgie Darryn Welch Versatile Film
2005 Elektra (Film) Typhoid Rob Bowman Twentieth Century Fox
2004 Chicks with sticks (Film) Marcie Rutledge Kari Skogland Earth to Sky Pictures
2004 Andromeda (Series) Tolek Jorge Montesi Fireworks Entertainment
2004 The dead zone (Series) Tyler Shawn Piller CBS Paramount Network Television
2004 Call me: The rise and fall of Heidi Fleiss (Film) Charisse Charles McDougall Nomadic Pictures
2003 A guy thing (Film) Melanie Chris Koch Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM)
2002 Halloween: Resurrection (Film) French Maid Rick Rosenthal Dimension Films
2002 Stark raving mad (Film) Stacie Drew Daywalt, David Schneider Newmarket Capital Group
2002 40 dager og 40 netter (Film) Girl in Bed Michael Lehmann Miramax
2002 The Chris Isaak Show (Series) Olivia Ulmer David Warry-Smith C.I. Productions
2001 The Wedding dress (Film) Lula Sam Pillsbury Carlton America
2001 Trapped (Film) Marisa Deran Sarafian Wilmark Entertainment
2001 7 dager (Series) Lana John McPherson Crowe Entertainment
2001 Los Luchadores (Series) Princess Sophia Charles Wilkinson Fox Family Channel
2000 Dark Angel (Series) Redhead at Party David Nutter Cameron/Eglee Productions
2000 Jeg, meg og Irene (Film) Bikini girl Bobby Farrelly, Peter Farrelly Twentieth Century Fox
1999 Lake Placid (Film) Janine Steve Miner Sugar Entertainment Ltd.
1998 First wave (Series) Maid Chris Brancato Sugar Entertainment Ltd.
1998 Viper (Series) Trixie James Marshall MEC Viper Productions
1998 Disturbing behavior (Film) - David Nutter -
1997 Millennium (Series) 20th Century Fox Television David Nutter 20th Century Fox Television

Manager/Agent for Natassia Malthe

Ellen Alveberg

+47 97711917