Anna Ströman Lindblom & Katja Juras

Creator, Writer

Well established and sought after writing duo. Their most recent work is the upcoming Viaplay thriller series Veronika with Alexandra Rapaport in the lead. Anna & Katja are the creators and wrote all eight episodes. Veronika will premiere in 2024.

Before Veronika they developed and wrote, among other things, Gåsmamman season 6 and several episodes of the TV-series Heder, season 1 and 2. Katja and Anna met for the first time when they were seven years old, on their first day at school. At the age of nine they wrote their first play, Congratulations Nancy, and it was staged with their classmates in the school’s auditorium at a real success of course!

Today Anna and Katja are passionate about creating strong character-driven stories in all genres. They love to create their own stories, but feel equally strong about developing and writing for others. Being a writer duo creates a third dimension, where 1+1 equals not two, but three. A third resource which entails faster delivery and higher quality since they create and write together. Their first drafts often have the quality of a second draft because they write all episodes divided between them and then rewrite each other’s parts before delivery.

They are very in sync with each other in the creative process. They discuss and go through thoroughly the different possibilities; Always prioritizing what is best for the project. They are very creative, meticulous and really know dramaturgy, at the same time they are two different individuals who can have different views in a writers room and are very comfortable in voicing them while taking in other’s views. At the moment Anna & Katja are in preproduction of a drama series with SF Studios for a major streaming service. They are also developing their own dramedy Kretsen with Scandinavian Content Group and YA-drama Mustaschflickorna with Art & Bob.

IMDB Katja

Year Project title Project role Production company / channel
2024 Veronika (Series) Creators, Head Writers Bigster / Viaplay
2023 Untitled (Series, In Development) Co-creators, Head Writers SF Studios
2023 Kretsen (Series - In Development) Creators, Head Writers Scandinavian Content Group
2023 Mustaschflickorna (Series - In development) Writers Art & Bob
2022 Gåsmamman Season 06 (Series) Co-Creators, Co-writers Bigster / CMORE / TV4
2021 Heder Season 4 (Series) Co-Writers, Script Consultant Bigster / Viaplay
2019 Rig 45 Season 3 (Series - Development) Creators, Writers Mopar / Viaplay
2017 Ella & Mahir (Film - Development) Creators, Writers SF Studios

Manager/Agent for Anna Ströman Lindblom & Katja Juras

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