Carl-Petter Montell

Director, Writer

Main writer and episode writer of the critically acclaimed TV-series Leva Life for FLX/Viaplay season 1 and 2. An emotional story of a young woman with cancer. The show got nominated for a Kristallen award in 2023.

Dipping his toes in a different genre, Montell directed the fish-out-of-water comedy Från Trakten for SVT  – a show that quickly became an audience favourite with its mix of drama and slapstick comedy, gaining great numbers and reviews.

Directing the second season of YA smash hit Eagles for SVT in 2019 became the official directing debut for Montell after years of making short films. Earning a Kristallen nomination for best TV-drama the following year. He subsequently was hired to write and direct all episodes of the third and fourth season of the show as well. Once again getting nominated for a Kristallen Award  with its final season in 2022.

Carl-Petter is an appreciated team player and a versatile film maker, he’s coming into every project with dedication and a ”nothing-but-the-best”-attitude. Having a background in acting and as a casting director Montell has a deep understanding of how to create a safe space for actors to deliver their best performances. Working together with them to find a true tone in dialogue early, during simultaneous script rewrites and rehearsals. 

Carl-Petter tries to avoid cliches with an urge to see well known archetypes in new ways, always searching for a way to evolve the material, no matter the target group. He is not scared of going weird while adding a wide commercial approach to projects without pretentiousness, Montell prides himself in knowing what audiences love to see and aims to deliver on those wishes. 

As a fan of tentpole blockbusters while simultaneously a hardened cinephile, Montell combines influences from genre movies and indie darlings a like. With one ear to the ground listening to the audience’s ever changing desires but also giving it fresh spins and visual nuance. As determined to make a great end product as he is that everyone working with him has a great time and thrives.

Prioritizing character and story, he considers his main mission to simultaneously affect AND entertain the people watching… while having fun doing it.  

Year Project title Project role Production company / channel
- Untitled (Film - In Developement) Writer, Director SF Studios
- Untitled (Series - In Development) Writer, Director Global Ensemble Drama [NO]
2023 Från Trakten Director, Writer StoryOne
2023 Leva Life season 1 and 2 Head Writer FLX
2020-2022 Eagles season 2-4 Writer, Director New Stories

Manager/Agent for Carl-Petter Montell

Lisa Widén

+46 705467773