Kodjo Akolor


As a writer he is quick and versatile, his background as a comedian makes him the obvious choice when building a writers room. But as we all know the line between comedy and tragedy is a thin one – as much as he loves working on comedy he thrives when putting his mind to creating great tragedy. As a writer he loves working with the story and characters and is a sucker for creating gut wrenching plot twists.

Kojo started his career as a comedian in 2005 and has since then hosted the biggest television show in Sweden (Melodifestivalen), and much more. His passion for writing is only matched by his love for acting (and his family in case they read). When he is not on stage performing or sitting in his office writing he works as an actor.He is currently developing a comedy that he has created with his writing partner Greg Poehler for a television network, as well as a dramedy for a different production company. Kojo is attending highly acclaimed Alma Education Scriptwriting this fall.

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Manager/Agent for Kodjo Akolor

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