Peter Baden


Norwegian, English, German (basic)

Peter Baden is a Norwegian composer who has written music for a wide variety of productions for theater, film, TV-series, dance-performances, AR/VR, art installations, commercials, podcasts etc. Baden has a track record of numerous commissioned works, and have worked as musical director for international projects like the Youth Olympic Games for IOC. Other works include the audioguide for the new Norwegian Nasjonal museum, music for the underwater restaurant at Lindesnes, productions at the Norwegian theatre, as well as the National theatre, and new music for National Ballet in the Opera House in Oslo. He has produced a number of albums for different artists, made interactive installations and toured with a lot of Norwegian artists playing drums and electronics.

Despite the diversity of genres, there is a distinct sound in Peters music. For film it is can be both contemporary chamber music, Hollywoood-style film music, improvisational electronic music, that might contain a hint of a dark club after midnight..

Peter has recorded, produced and toured the world with many artists, and worked with people like Bugge Wesseltoft, Nils Petter Molvær, Mari Boine, Thea Hjelmeland, Solveig Kringlebotn, Emilie Nicolas, Anneli Drecker, Eivind Aarseth, Ensemble Denada, Hanne Hukkelberg, Mungolian Jetset, to name a few. He has written for and worked with symphonic orchestras like the The Philharmonic Orchestra in Bergen, Norwegian Broadcast Orchestra; Kork, and the Norwegian Chamber Orcestra, He has created interactive pieces for orchestra, electronics and visuals written for Berliner Kammersymphonie, as well as several interactive audiovisual installations for contemporary arts festivals.

As a solo artist he has performed at festivals like Punktfestival, Tape to Zero, etc.

Baden has produced and written music for over thirty theatrical productions in Norway, and he has also made his own theatre play named «Rhythms from space» / «Rytmer fra Verdensrommet» at the Norwegian teatre in Oslo 2015.
In the Oslo Operahouse he has composed three musicals for youths, and he has worked on numerous productions which have received the Norwegian Grammy-award; «Spellemannsprisen».

Peter also composed the music for The Viking Planet, and also the award winning «The Ambush», the first drama production recorded in volumetric capture in Ridley Scotts studio Dimension, UK.
Peter was the composer and musical director for the Youth Olympic Games Lillehammer2016, the largest cultural event in Norway in 22 years. The opening ceremony for the IOC was screened in 84 countries.

Year Project title Project role Production company / channel
2023 Midsummer Night (Series) Composer The Global Ensemble Drama
2022 A Storm for Christmas (Series) Composer The Global Ensemble Drama
2021 Julestjerna (Series) Composer The Global Ensemble Drama
2019 Virtual Viking (Short) Composer Ridley Scott Associates

Manager/Agent for Peter Baden

Ellen Alveberg

+47 97711917