Theo Boguslaw

Dramaturg, Playwriter, Writer

2024 marks Theo’s debut in TV as an episode writer on the third and final season of the Netflix success Young Royals .

He is a graduate from equally esteemed Biskops-Arnö and Alma Script Education. After graduating from Alma in 2020, Theo was chosen by Lisa Ambjörn to script edit Young Royals season 2 and to work as a script editor for Nexiko Drama.

Lisa Ambjörn says about Theo;

It was obvious to me to then advance Theo as an episode writer for season 3.
Which he carried out with flying colors. Theo is driven, committed and extremely dedicated in everything he undertakes.
He not only contributes with a good and inviting attitude in a script room, but also always delivers on time and with integrity in his writing, while being able to process feedback and take instructions.

Theo has worked on a range of projects in development, with both new and established script writers.

Throughout his experience as a dramaturg and script editor, he has honed his skills in helping craft and boost stories that needed structural or narrative help. Always with the intention to captivate and immerse viewers. As a script editor he has a passion for pinning down the essential and unique core of a story and helping a writer on their way to discovering and staying true to that core.

Theo is a versatile writer keen to bring his stories to life in several forms, both for the stage and TV. In 2023 his first play Debut  premiered at Teater Halland.

Theo balances indie projects as well as big productions with ease. He is eager to write in a wide array of genres. Projects in development at the moment are; an unusual take on the traditional crime story, a a feature film on the inner life of a queer priest and a children’s play.

The work on Young Royals has taught him the process of navigating a writer’s room, managing short deadlines and keeping a creative dialogue with a network.

In a writer’s room Theo is open, sociable and willing to put in hard work.

One of his strengths as a writer is his emotional intelligence, his passion for writing realistic dialogue that makes the audience feel, squirm and relate, and his restless curiosity when it comes to character psychology.

In his pastime he watches Herzog documentaries, reads celebrity biographies and spends an unrealistic amount of time down a YouTube rabbit hole.

Theo looks forward to the prospect of working hand-in-hand with fellow creatives. Writing fresh and vibrant ideas that challenge the status quo in today’s storytelling.


Year Project title Project role Production company / channel
2024 Young Royals 3 (TV Series) Writer Nexiko
2022 Young Royals 2 Script Editor/ Dramaturg Nexiko
2019 Mette Writer Amphi
2029 Joel Writer Amphi

Manager/Agent for Theo Boguslaw

Lisa Widén

+46 705467773